Localisation is at the core of the user experience. Poorly localised software risks confusing and alienating users. Our expertise and trained eye for detail ensure that your users feel at home with your software products.

We use an optimised localisation process, drawing on a comprehensive tool suite, to ensure 100% consistency when it comes to style and terminology.


Each time an element is translated it is stored in a translation memory database. If the same (or a similar) sentence re-occurs multiple times in one text, the translation memory suggests the existing translation. The same is true, for example, for series of texts that feature highly-repetitive content. Style and terminology are flawlessly consistent.  


After a product has been localised, we apply our automated quality analysis process to ensure consistent terminology and the integrity of pure data such as dates, measurements and numbers. If you do not already have an established list of corporate terminology, a terminology list can easily be created during the localisation process.


All work is carried out in accordance with the European standard for translation  DIN EN 15038. Before a project is delivered, all work is reviewed one last time by a second linguist to filter out any overlooked errors.